Ladder Step 6-10ft

Machine Applications:

Step ladders are the most commonly used ladder in the industry. In contrast to extension ladders; step ladders are self-supportable meaning they do not need to be leaned against any type of support to be used. As this is the case, they may be used in the middle of the room, underneath a tree for trimming or a variety of other locations where support is not available for an extension ladder. There are two major varieties of step ladders; the first is a simple front step ladder. On the front step ladder you will find rungs on one side of the ladder and the other side is designed only for support and is not to be climbed on. The more popular variety is the twin step ladder which provides rungs on either side of the ladder allowing you to climb up whichever side is more convenient and allows you and a friend to climb the ladder simultaneously.

Machine Description/Features:

• 12" inch x 8" inch top working platform.
• Ideal for Electrical Works, Domestic Purpose, or Any Industrial Job at a Height.
• Manufactured From High Tensile Aluminium Alloys
• Having Solid Rubber Shoe to Avoid Surface Scratching or slipping.
• Heavy Duty Structure
• Light In Weight
• Rust-Dust-Fire & Flint Proof

Machine Specifications:

8 ft – 16 ft

Branch details

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