Drill Slow Speed Heavy Duty Bosch GBM32/34

Machine Applications:

• The GBM 32-4 is the ideal drill to make child play of all your heavy duty drilling requirements.
• It easily drills holes through wood of up to 70mm in diameter and steel of up to 32mm in diameter.
• Its clutch system and slow speed operation makes it easy and safe for drilling through hard wood such as sleeper wood furniture, railway sleepers or I-Beam steel drilling.

Machine Description/Features:

• Most powerful Bosch Drill with 1500 watts for drilling diameters up to 32 mm and heavy-duty use in steel.
• Ideal for core drilling in steel construction with Magnetic Drill Stand GMB 32 Professional.
• 4-speed gearbox for optimum power transfer.
• Auxiliary handle for better grip.
• Safety thanks to overload clutch.
• Long lifetime with roller bearing-mounted motor and gears.
• Switch operated and locked with one finger.

Machine Specifications:

• Rated power input 1.500 W
• Power output 1.000 W
• Weight 7,3 kg
• Drilling dia. in aluminium 50 mm
• Drilling dia. in wood 70 mm
• Drilling dia. in steel 32 mm

Consumables and other equipment normally on hire with this:

• We recommend the use of cutting / drilling oil for drilling holes in steel - it prolongs the life span of drill bits

Safety Equipment suggested:

• Safety boots are recommended as this drill weighs 7.3kg and can cause serious injury if accidently dropped on feet
• Protect your eyes with safety goggles from dangerous steel filings caused by drilling
• Safety working gloves will help to give you a firm grip avoiding accidental slipping

Branch details

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