Floor Scrubber Electric. 220V Corded or 24V Battery Driven. (HIRE-IT PAROW BRANCH)

Machine Applications:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals

Machine Description/Features:

  • Spray chemicals, Scrub and Vacuum all in one action which saves on labour cost in terms of use and transport (1 person instead of 2 or 3 needed with a traditional floor polisher and vacuum cleaner)
  • More direct control over the cleaning operation so less chance of damage to surroundings, the machine itself or the operator.  Less operator fatigue and quicker cleaning.
  • Cleaning chemicals goes directly into the tank of the machine vs applying directly on the floor thereby eliminating wastage.

Machine Specifications:

                                             Cordless Corded
Voltage 24VDC 220V-240VAC
Frequency -- 50HZ
Current 35A 9.7A
Power 1165W 1750W
Floor motor 18A/600W 750W
Brush rotation speed 168rpm 168rpm
Water sucker motor 400W 1000W
Cleaning width 415mm 415mm
Cleaning rate 1830mm/h 1830mm/h
Water sucker 755mm 755mm
Clean water tank capacity 31L 31L
Dirty water tank capacity 23.5L 23L
Battery 2 X 12V --
Electromagnetic value 24V 220V-240V
Cable Length -- 18m
Electromagnetic value 24V 220V-240V
Gross weight 164.5kg 105kg
Net weight 138kg 77kg
Packing size 1090 X 785 X 870mm 1090 X 785 X 870mm

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

Cleaning Chemicals
20m Extension Leads.
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Floor Polishers

Branch details

021 696 8396
021 949 3570
021 981 9002
021 462 2337
021 683 3695
021 593 8690
021 552 4814
021 930 0724
021 701 7333