Power Float Petrol 970mm (Blades included)

Machine Applications:

A power trowel for producing a high specification finish on concrete. The trowel is capable of wall to wall troweling.
Power floats are used to smooth and level the surface of newly poured concrete to an exceptionally high tolerance.
It constructs a hard wearing finished surface, suitable for high traffic areas both foot and fork lift dependent on depth. These machines are fitted with circular pans to help smooth the concrete before metal blades are rotated over the surface adjusting the tilt to achieve a hardened surface. Before the concrete can be power floated it has to be left to harden.

Machine Description/Features:

Speed rotating control and tilting adjuster conveniently located on handle for easy access and control.
Fitted with a dead man switch safety feature for quick shut down

Machine Specifications:

Petrol engine: 160cc (5.5hp)
Working diameter: 970mm
Weight: 80kg

Consumables and other equipment normally on hire with this:

• We stock comprehensive range of concrete preparation and finishing product such as
• Concrete mixers
• Pokers & drive units
• Wheel barrows
• Spades & shovels
• Concrete cutters
• Replacement floating or finishing blades available for the power float

Safety Equipment suggested:

Safety boots are recommended as floated concrete can be very slippery

Branch details

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