All Purpose Saw Electric

Machine Applications:

The All Purpose Saw is the perfect saw for all your household tasks such as cutting boards, metal and plastic pipes. Outdoors it can be used to cut back thick branches and bushes as a cheaper alternative to the chainsaw.

Machine Description:

The fast, compact all-round saw for DIY enthusiasts.
With Bosch SDS system: fast and convenient saw blade changes without tools and simply at the slide of a button Bosch Electronic stroke rate control: "accelerate" from 0 - max. using the trigger switch for material-specific working Integrated hand protector and soft grip for safe and convenient working.
Safety switch with switch-on lock that can be operated on both sides - prevents the machine being switched on unintentionally. Regardless of whether you want to cut slats to length, saw branches, plastic or metal pipes, or saw flush to a wall: the All-purpose saw gets the job done quickly

Machine Specifications:

Power input 710 W
Cut thickness in wood 150 mm
Cut thickness in steel 10 mm
Saw blade stroke 20 mm
Machine weight 3,0 kg

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

All purpose saw Blades
Extension Leads

Safety Equipment suggested:

Eye goggles

Branch details

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