Extension Lead Industrial

Machine Applications:

For most power tools we recommend that an extension cable with a minimum rating of 15 amps is used (2.5mm). Also bear in mind that as the length of the extension cable increases, so does the resistance of the cable, which results in huge voltage drops at the end where the power tools are plugged in! Oh you heard this before? YES, this causes the same problems as undersized Generators, resulting in a burnt out motor.

Machine Description/Features:

Remember a drop in Voltage means an increase in Amps to compensate for the required wattage (AMPS = HEAT);
a low voltage causes a rapid and enormous increase in operating temperature; about a 40% rise in temperature for every 10% drop in voltage. It stands to reason, even for a non-technical person, that this enormous rise in temperature must cause damage. It burns the insulation on the wire winding in the motor which causes the wires to short and in turn causes the motor or tool to burn out.

Machine Specifications:

20m x 2.5mm 3 core
Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:
Various Powertools

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