Plunge Cutter / Rail Saw

Machine Applications:

For cutting various precision wood material with an accurate cut which delivers a splinter-free mirror finish. This saw is a more portable option to a table saw for cross-cutting and ripping large pieces when it needs to be accurate.  The Makita SP6000K Rail Saw is engineered with a range of technical features for dead-on accurate cutting, but it also includes convenient features like magnesium components for less weight, and anodized aluminum with wider glide strips for smooth finish. This saw is ideal for high-end woodworking, cabinetry, closet building, and any other precision-cutting application.

Machine Description:

-  High accuracy, clean cutting.
-  Tip-resistant design.
-  Depth stopper enables to easily cut a preliminary groove at a depth of 2mm for splinter-free cuts.
-  The position of cutting line is always the same regardless of bevel angle in cutting with guide rail attached.
-  Close-to-wall cutting only 18mm away from wall at minimum.
-  Bevel cut -1 to 48 degrees.
-  Double Insulation, Variable Speed, Electric Brake, Electronic Speed Control, Soft Start, Dust Collecting.

Machine Specifications:

-  Continuous rating output: 1,300W
-  Max cutting capacity: 0 degrees:56mm 45 degrees:40mm 48 degrees:38mm
-  Blade diameter: 165mm
-  No load speed (r/min): 2,000 - 5,800r/min
-  Overall length and Net weight: 341mm - 4.4kg
-  Power supply cord: 2,5m

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

Included: 165mm Blade; Carry Case, plus (2 x Clamps and 1 x 1.4m Rail).
Extension Lead.

Safety Equipment suggested:

Leather gloves; safety goggles and dust masks available.

Branch details

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