Auger / Two man earth drill

Machine Applications:

Drilling holes in ground for planting wooden or concrete posts or poles.  Used in agriculture for planting wine posts, fencing posts or tree planting.

Machine Description:

The Ground Hog C-71-5 is two-man earth drill designed to deliver years of reliable service with superior performance. It has been a proven performer for over 40 years. It’s rugged design promotes durability and requires very little maintenance.

The heart of this unit is our time-tested transmission. The transmission is an efficient worm drive design utilizing alloy steel shafts, large tapered roller bearings and our standard 7/8” square auger drive.

Aluminium castings are used throughout the C-71-5's construction to produce a unit that is both strong and lightweight. The C-71-5 uses an air cooled centrifugal clutch and a trigger-type, return-style throttle. Both operator positions are equipped with individual stop switches and tubular steel handlebars.

Machine Specifications:

Maximum Auger Speed: 160 rpm @ 3600 engine rpm (no load)
Maximum Torque: 192 ft. lbs. torque (approximate)
Max. Auger Diameter: 12 inches (31 cm)

Weight: 72 lbs. (33 kg)
Length: 40.5 inches (103 cm)
Width: 30 inches (76 cm)
Height: 20.5 inches (52 cm)

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

3 x bit sizes 100mm – 150mm -300mm
Rakes and spades

Safety Equipment suggested:

Safety goggles
Ear plugs

Branch details

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