Spirit Level

Machine Applications:

• A spirit level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).
• May be used by carpenters, stone masons, brick layers, other building trade workers, surveyors, mill wrights and other metal workers.

Machine Description/Features:

• The vial bodies of a spirit level, also referred to as a bubble level, can be shaped like a barrel, like a rectangular block or even curved, banana-shaped, to measure slope in fractions per foot of pitch; and are mostly made from acrylic today versus glass originally.
• Spirit levels are made from a variety of materials including aluminium, plastic, wood, cast iron and composite materials. Users of spirit levels are categorized as professional contractors and tradesman, such as carpenters, masons, framers, electricians, plumbers and woodworkers; and do-it-yourselfers, such as a homeowner.

Machine Specifications:

• Typically, the vials in a spirit level are a yellowish-green color with additives for UV protection and maximum performance in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees F to 130 degrees F. The best spirit level is accurate to within plus or minus 0.5 millimeters/meter, or 0.005 inches/inch or .029 degrees.

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