Tile Cutter Electric Standing Table 1.63m

Machine Applications:

Water-cooled electric tile saw designed for cutting sheets of stone, masonry etc. This professional saw cuts slabs up to 163 cm length and between 0 and 9cm thickness.  Perfect for diagonal, Jolly and angled cuts. This version 230v has a 2,2 kw motor. Super professional diamond blade included. Recommended for tiles cutters who have to cut large 1m x 1m porcelain tiles or very thick granite and marble.

Machine Description/Features:

  • Maximum length of cut 160cm.  Diagonal cutting length 115 x 115cm.
  • Maximum thickness of cut: 60mm in single pass, 120mm in double pass.
  • Maximum Blade diameter 300mm.
  • Adjustable cutting depth.
  • Tilting motor assembly for bevel cuts for 0 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Easy to remove Polypropylene tank for easy cleaning.
  • Folding legs equipped with wheels for easy movement.
  • Made of aluminium, steel and stainless steel with triple paint coating.
  • Disc support arm with a special rotation fulcrum, which allows a wide range of vertical travel and use for trimming tasks.


Machine Specifications:

Voltage 230V
Power 2200W
Blade Size 300mm
Bore 25.4mm
Max Cutting length 1630mm
Max Cutting depth @90° 80mm
Max Cutting depth @45° 55mm
Mitre Cut 0° - 45°



Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

  • Manual Tile cutters
  • Extension Lead

Safety Equipment suggested:

Safety goggles for eye protection.


Branch details

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